Here is a list of the Sensory Processing Disorder tools that we have turned to over the past few years. We know that they may seem unorthodox but they can truly help your Sensory Processing Disorder Toolschild if they are a sensory seeker or sensory avoider. By implementing these tools and products into your daily life you can increase your child’s happiness and of control of their life. This will help them adjust to new stimuli and challenges that life presents which will help them adjust as they get older. Making attempts to improve your child’s happiness and their flexibly with sensory input will help them become more stable as an adult. Making these changes to your daily life can also be extremely beneficial to your own sanity and happiness, which is of equal.

ItemHelps With?CostFeatures
Weighted BlanketFalling Asleep and staying asleep, Anxiety, Helps kids feel calm$68.99Great for sensory input, Flannel/Fleece, Easy to wash, Comes in different sizes and colors
Weighted Lap PadSoothes Anxiety and Wiggles, Self-Regulation$23.99Portable for travel and school needs, Soft, Washable, Comes in different sizes and colors
Body BrushAnxiety, Calming, Centering, Preparing a child for an event or focused attention$5.40Comes with 2, Easy-to-grip, Greater density of bristles for more consistent treatment
Pod Swing Indoor/OutdoorGives children secure place to calm down and feel safe, Anxiety$68.95Indoor or Outdoor, Sturdy, Comes with everything to secure installation
SocksKids that have issues with the seams on socksS10.00Comfort Seam for kids sensitive to seams, comes in different sizes, well made,
Therapy Hand PuttyReduce anxiety and stress, Used in Occupational Therapy$8.35Non-scented, Comes in different sizes and colors
Sensory SackCalming, Deep pressure and resistance, Coordination and Spatial Positioning
$40.99No velcro, Tubular sleeves, Comes in different colors and sizes, Great for playtime and therapy